Friday, December 21, 2007

Cinnamon Christmas

For the first time tonight, I've made our (mostly) famous Saturday cinnamon rolls. They stay locked away in the fridge overnight, so that is why my making them on Friday may seem strange. One of the prerequisites for our morning baked goods is that they must be able to be made the night before. The idea of waking at 4am to make rolls is horrifying (I've done it too--it never ends well). Usually Bethany or Jenny makes them, but tonight was my turn. I was a little nervous, but Bethany said, "You can do it. You are a good cook." I've never heard those words uttered about me before. Truth is, I didn't know how to cook or have the confidence to do it until this last year. My desire for independence and my desire for homemade combined with the shop to force me into the role of cook. We do make almost everything we serve here from scratch and we are always looking for ways to make more (I also learned how to make pop tarts from scratch today, yay!). Having everything hand-made, from scones to sandwiches to espresso drinks, is one way that we are trying to distinguish ourselves here in the Valley.

On that note, tomorrow enjoy our Saturday Cinnamons and then you'll have to wait until Thursday for our scones to reappear. We are closed Monday-Wednesday so that our staff and us might have time to celebrate. We'll see you bright and early Thursday, though.