Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Tyranny of the "Short"

We currently serve our drinks in small (12oz), medium (16oz), and large (20oz). In Seattle terminology, for what I understand of it, there is a missing size, the 8oz or 'short' (hence the reason that at some other places the 'small' is called the 'tall'). I purchased some 8oz cups (one latte bowl, one macchiato cup) and started trying to do art pours with single shots. I pulled off some amazingly beginner rosettas, something that has eluded me with the 12oz cups. I began to realize why...

The single shot ristretto is meant for the short, not for the tall. The blend and balance of espresso to milk is spot on, while on the 12oz they often taste too milky and pours are hard to do since the vast overpowering of milk tends to destroy too much of the crema (either that, or I just really need work on this). The double shot ristretto, however, doesn't work well in the 12oz, but works perfectly in the 16oz. In other words, the 12oz is a strange anamoly in the espresso world. Very few American consumers are going to get an 8oz drink, even pop comes in 12oz standard. However, folks want something smaller than 16oz.

I really like the short, though. It is the perfect amount for a latte or any espresso-based beverage, at least for my tastes. I like to drink my beverages fast and enjoy the mingle of foam, steamed milk, and espresso dance quickly over my tongue. The short gives me that ability.

Interesting, though, is our recent, unrelated decision, to only offer cappuccinos in the short variety. The reason being that if it isn't a short, it isn't a true Italian cappuccino--we are trying for integrity in all of our drinks and this is a short step towards it. Plus, trying to accurately foam a 20oz cappa can easily lead to burnt milk and poorly done foam. A short cappa is hard enough to do as it is.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Beaver Falls Celebration Week

We love Beaver Falls. It is a great place to live and work and worship. So, in light of that, this week is Celebrate Beaver Falls Week at BFC&T. Bring a friend who has never been to the shop and receive 25% off of your drink. Also, be shopping at select other local businessess and you may receive another 15% off a drink order! Lastly, this week only, come in for a delicious lunch and receive a free drip-brewed coffee.


Because we love Beaver Falls and hope you do too!

Friday, March 2, 2007

A Ringing in My Ears

At BFCAT we have Sirius satellite radio. Well, sometimes we have Sirius satellite radio. More often than not it seems we are "Acquiring Signal" than enjoying commercial free music from outer space.

Anyway, when it does work, it seems we rotate through a select couple of channels. They include, but are not limited to: Coffeehouse (ironically enough), Left of Center, Sirius Disorder and, at least when I'm working, Symphony Hall.

Coffehouse is an annoying channel that plays way too much Indigo girls and not enough of anything else.

Left of Center is your typical college-indie-rock channel that plays some iffy songs in the lyrics department.

Sirius Disorder is usually the best bet. The songs are "safer" yet not laden with girls of any color, be they indigo or anything else. Today, however, they played an Indigo girls song forcing me to switch over to...

Symphony Hall. More and more I'm liking this channel. Classical music allows you to sit and enjoy the environment of the coffee shop without being focused on the song itself. It truly is background music at its finest.

So if you're enjoying a tasty beverage at BFCAT and wondering why you're stuck listening to Bach instead of the Indigo Girls and you see me working, then you'll know that I just want some inspirational music playing while I plot out how I'm going to kidnap the Indigo Girls thus never allowing them to create new music ever again.

But I digress, my break is over and I'd better get back to work.